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While Chase loves to hunt, he's never ashamed of coming home empty-handed. He even boasts about his "armed hikes" and doing his part to perpetuate the species. He also enjoys fishing alpine streams and lakes, hiking, and camping. Chase cares deeply about conservation and multiple use of public lands.
psa ar10 308 at range

PSA AR-10 Review: PA10 Gen3 as a .308 Hunting Rifle?

When it comes to AR-10s and AR-15s, most folks just consider them to be tactical weapons or range rifles for target shooting ...
floating shoe

Grundéns SeaKnit Boat Shoe Review: My Casual/Fishing Sneaker

Guys I know wear all kinds of footwear when they go fishing. Bad weather boots, sneakers, flip flops and bare feet have ...
kodiak skogan jump

Kodiak Skogan Boots: Feet-on Review After Hiking Iceland

With such diverse terrain from lava fields to glaciers, Iceland was the perfect testing ground for the new Kodiak Skogan waterproof hiking ...
rsz deer in trunk of car

Can You Fit a Deer in a Car? (No Truck, No Problem, Here’s How)

Not every hunter has a pickup truck. But while your friends might say otherwise, you don’t necessarily need one for deer hunting. ...